Introducing the ETA-IL

The way tourists visit Israel is changing.

World map with plans flying to Israel

Every year, Israel welcomes up to 4.5 million tourists. Most of these tourists come from countries which do not require a visa to enter Israel – countries such as the USA, Japan, or the European Union.

But the way Israel welcomes its tourists is changing. From 2024 on, all visitors will need to fill out an evisa, or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) document, before travel.

What is the ETA-IL?

The ETA-IL system is a brand-new scheme introduced by the Israeli government. It will help to keep track of tourists coming into the country, maintaining security for everyone.

Travelers from VISA-exempt countries will need to present an ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization – in order to enter Israel. To get an ETA-IL, all you need to do is fill out an online form with some basic personal details before your departure. The form will then be looked over, and your ETA will be sent to you via email.

This form of travel authorization is much quicker, simpler and more affordable than a visa. For most people, being granted the ETA-IL is a straightforward and quick process.

Similar electronic travel authorization systems are in use in countries across the world, including the United States and Australia. You may also be familiar with terms such as ‘e-visa’, or ‘ESTA’. Like the ETA-IL, these are all electronic documents which certify that you are permitted to enter the country. The new scheme is also extremely similar to these in terms of the application process.

The ETA-IL Process for Israel – Simplified

  1. Apply online. Be prepared to pay a small fee.
  2. Wait up to 72 hours for approval. Your application status will be sent to you by email as soon as it’s been processed. ETA applications have an extremely high approval rate, and are usually sent over by email just within a few days of submission.
  3. Enjoy Your Stay! Once you’ve presented the ETA-IL to an immigration official at the airport, you’re ready to explore a brand-new country. Your ETA-IL is valid for up to two years after issue.

What You Need To Apply for an Israeli ETA

  • A valid credit or debit card. This is to cover the fee to apply for the ETA-IL.
  • Your passport. The passport you use must be valid, and must be issued by a country which does not require a visa to enter Israel (see our table below).
  • An email address you have access to. You will need this to receive updates on the status of your ETA-IL, and to receive your ETA-IL once it’s been authorized. You don’t need to print your ETA-IL – you can show it on your smartphone screen to the immigration personnel at the airport.

Validity and Expiry - ETA for Israel

The ETA-IL is valid for up to two years after its issue. After that, you’ll need to apply for another one as usual. We recommend that you fill it in ahead of time, to allow room for potential delays and give you peace of mind.

An ETA-IL is issued for short stays only. Foreign citizens may visit for tourism or business reasons, as long as they are short-term. The ETA-IL permits you to stay in Israel for up to three months.

Israel ETA requirements

All you need is to be a citizen of a country which is on the ETA-IL list, with a valid passport on hand.
This is the same passport you will take with you on your trip, so if it is near expiry or will be expired by the time you travel, you will need to reapply with a new one.

Which Countries Are Eligible For An Israeli ETA?

To enter Israel, a citizen from any country which does not require a visa requires an ETA-IL. This includes the United States, Australia, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. But in fact, there are dozens of countries on the list.

For reference, we’ve compiled a table of all countries whose citizens will now need electronic travel authorization to travel to Israel.


• Albania
• Andorra
• Austria
• Belarus
• Belgium
• Bulgaria
• Croatia
• Cyprus
• Czech republic
• Denmark
• Estonia
• Finland
• Hungary
• Iceland
• Ireland
• Latvia
• Liechtenstein
• Lithuania
• Luxemburg
• Macedonia
• Malta
• Man & Canal Islands
• Moldova
• Monaco
• Montenegro
• Norway
• Poland
• Portugal
• Romania
• San Marino
• Serbia
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• Sweden
• Ukraine


• Bahamas
• Barbados
• Belize
• Chile
• Colombia
• Costa Rica
• Dominica
• Dominican republic
• Ecuador
• El Salvador
• Grenada
• Guatemala
• Haiti
• Honduras
• Jamaica
• Panama
• Paraguay
• Peru
• Saint Kitts and Nevis
• Saint Lucia
• St Vincent and the Grenadines
• Trinidad & Tobago
• Uruguay


• Georgia
• Hong Kong
• Macau
• Mongolia
• Philippines
• Singapore
• South Korea
• Taiwan
• United Arab Emirates


• Botswana
• Central African Republic
• Eswatini
• Lesotho
• Malawi
• Mauritius
• South Africa


• Australia
• Cook Islands
• Fiji islands
• Marshall islands
• Micronesia
• Nauru
• New Zealand
• Niue
• Palau
• Papua New Guinea
• Solomon islands
• Tonga
• Vanuatu

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