Israel ETA-IL Application Form

Access the Israeli ETA application form for a hassle-free journey to Israel. Submit your application now and embark on your exciting adventure.

Israeli ETA-IL application form

Eligibility criteria for the Israeli ETA-IL

Also known as an e-visa, the ETA for Israel is a new program through which tourists will receive permission to enter the country. The ETA-IL, or electronic travel authorization, is available for all passport-holding citizens of countries that are on the ETA-approved list, i.e which do not require a visa to enter Israel.

The ETA-IL is required by all citizens of such countries. For a full list of countries which require the ETA-IL to travel into Israel, click here

A Step by Step Guide To Applying For The Israeli e-visa


Load the application form.


Submit your personal details as required. Details that you will be asked include:

  1. Personal information, such as name and date of birth
  2. Information from official documents, such as passport number
  3. Whether you have any other citizenships, and if so, of which countries

Receive confirmation of your submission via email. If you have not received a confirmation within a few hours of clicking submit, make sure your internet is working and that the application has gone through.


Wait for approval. This should not take more than a few days.


Enjoy your trip to Israel!

What You Need To Apply

A valid passport from an ETA-IL-eligible country

A credit or debit card to pay the processing fee

A computer or smartphone with internet connection

An email address that you have access to

What will I be asked on the application?

Personal details

  • Your full name
    • This may include any relevant previous names you may have (for example a maiden name)
  • Your sex/gender
  • Your place and date of birth
  • Your citizenship status
    • This may include whether you have any additional nationalities, and if so, which ones

Administrative details and documents

  • Passport number
  • Passport expiry date (it’s best to use a passport which will expire a few months after your visit is due to finish)

Contact details

  • Email 
  • Telephone
  • The details of an emergency contact

History and background

  • Your criminal record
  • Employment status and occupation
  • Your health status 
  • Financial details – in particular, how you will be funding the trip

ETA for Israel application timeline

The process of applying for an Israeli ETA is quick and efficient. Typically, the entire process is entirely finished within just a few days.

The Application Process Applying for the ETA-IL takes five to ten minutes. However, this doesn’t include the time it takes to issue a new passport if you need one, or get hold of any documentation you’ll need to fill in the form – so make sure you’re organized.

Processing The processing time for the ETA-IL is usually up to 72 hours if there are no delays. An update on the status of your application will usually be emailed to you a few days after confirmation.

Validity The ETA-IL is valid for 2 years or until the expiry of your passport – whichever is sooner.

Stay tuned

Get notified when the ETA-IL for Israel will be available.

Complications and Delays

ETA-IL approval for Israel is generally at a high rate. However, complications and delays do happen. The most common reason for an application to be delayed or rejected is an incorrectly filled in form, for example a mistake in your passport number or a misspelling in your name. It’s vital to check the application over before you send it in.

However, ETAs may also be delayed if the immigration authorities have reason to believe you pose a risk to Israeli borders. For example, you may expect a delay or rejection if you have a background of criminal or immigration-related offenses.

Those whose ETA-IL application is rejected are typically required to apply for a visa through the embassy.

Tips for a successful ETA-IL application submission

Leave plenty of time. Once issued, your ETA-IL is valid for 2 years, so you don’t lose out on much time by applying early. Leaving a generous margin of time gives you peace of mind in case your application is delayed or rejected.

Do not leave out critical information from your application – even if it seems insignificant to you. Examples include middle names or additional nationalities.

Make sure that you have received confirmation of your application by email.

Flag, star or bookmark the email to keep track of later.

Apply carefully. Incorrect details will slow the application process.

  • Have all necessary documents ready before you open the application form to decrease the likelihood of leaving blanks, recalling incorrect information, or allowing the application to expire.
  • When copying out long numbers, such as passport numbers, always copy digits in groups of three. 314593295 is more difficult to read, write and copy out correctly than 314 593 295.

Check and double-check your application details.

Proof-read as you go along and make sure you look over the application review at the end of the form.

Implications of the ETA-IL for travel in the Middle East

Keen travelers may wish to travel to other countries in the Middle East, including those with poor diplomatic relations in Israel.

The ETA-IL is an electronic document alone. No mark will be made on your passport to indicate that you have spent time in Israel. Therefore, obtaining an Israeli ETA in theory should not affect your ability to enter other regions in the area.

However, caution is still advised when planning a visit. Always seek the advice of your embassy or consulate before embarking on a trip if you are unsure of security implications.