Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our comprehensive FAQ section dedicated to the Israeli ETA-IL. Find quick and reliable answers to common inquiries about the application process, eligibility criteria, and important details regarding the ETA-IL for your upcoming visit to Israel. Simplify your journey with our informative responses and make the most of your travel experience.

General questions about ETA-IL

The Israeli ETA - also known as the eTA or e-visa - is a new visa waiver program that is being introduced to Israel.

As of 2024, all visitors from visa-exempt countries will need to follow a quick and simple online application process to gain authorization to enter the country. The travel document they will receive digitally is what is known as the ETA-IL.

Short-term travelers (up to 90 days) from eligible countries require an ETA-IL. The countries eligible for the Israeli ETA are the same ones which prior to 2024 did not require a visa or documentation of any kind to enter Israel.

The full list of visa-exempt countries can be found here. If your country of citizenship appears on this list, you will be required to fill out the ETA-IL form and await approval before you depart.

Yes. All travelers need to have the appropriate approval and documentation before they enter, from newborn babies to senior citizens.

No. The Israeli ETA is intended for short-term visitors only. It does not permit  work, study or long-term residency in Israel. Those found working for pay while in Israel on the ETA-IL may face penalties.

Receiving ETA-IL authorization allows you to travel to Israel if your passport is from a visa-exempt country. It permits a stay of up to 90 days. If you plan to stay longer, you must request an extension.

No. The ETA for Israel is specific to Israel. All other countries have their own entry requirements, which you will need to check separately.

For short-term study programs (up to 90 days), you can apply for an ETA-IL. For longer study durations, a student visa is required.

Applying for an ETA-IL

You can apply for Israel’s new e-visa online. Our application portal is streamlined for maximum ease and accessibility. Simply enter your details and wait for your ETA-IL to be emailed to you by Israeli authorities.

The most important document is a valid passport – make sure it will be in date when you fly.

If you are organized and load the form with your personal details and passport on hand, the application can take less than 10 minutes.

You should receive a confirmation of your submission immediately. In terms of when you can expect to receive approval – usually it is done within just a few days, but allow up to a week.

No. The ETA-IL must be submitted and approved before you depart. Entering Israel without the ETA-IL means entering without the necessary travel approval.

Do not confuse the Israeli ETA with visa on arrival – it is an entirely different system and needs to be done in advance.

Yes, holders of both biometric and non-biometric passports can apply for an ETA-IL. Moldovan citizens with biometric passports are exempt from a B2 visitor visa and can apply for an ETA-IL.

We do not recommend it. Ideally, your passport will be valid for at least six months after your date of departure.

You will need to have access to your ETA-IL while in Israel, as you are likely to be asked to present it to border guards. You can print out a physical copy or simply show it on your smartphone screen when asked.

If you're unable to complete the form, your responses may indicate ineligibility for an ETA. Follow the instructions provided in the application.

Yes. Simply apply using whichever passport you intend to travel with.

You can correct errors before submitting your application. Review your data during the final step. After submission, corrections aren't possible, and you will need to fill out a new form.

Yes. If you are a citizen of any approved country, you may apply for the ETA-IL. However, you will be required to declare all your other citizenships on the application form.

No. Continue using your Israeli passport to enter and leave the country as per usual.

You need to submit a new ETA-IL application if you get a new passport, or if you change your name, gender, or country of citizenship.

Travelling with an approved ETA-IL

No, you cannot extend your ETA-IL. If you wish to stay for longer, you will need to apply for the appropriate visa through the official channels.

Yes, you can return to Israel for as long as your ETA-IL and the passport you initially used it with are valid.

The period of validity for the ETA for Israel is 2 years. However, this is only for stays of up to three months (90 days). The Israeli e-visa does not authorize you to stay in Israel for any longer than this period consecutively.

Your ETA-IL’s validity is not dependent on your travel plans. As long as both the ETA-IL itself and the passport you initially registered it with are valid, you are free to change your travel dates and do not need to apply for a new e-visa.

An ETA-IL permits a stay of up to 90 days. For a longer stay, you must apply for an extension following PIBA procedures.

A valid ETA-IL does not guarantee entry to Israel. Border control officers can deny entry based on Israeli law and PIBA regulations.

While PIBA doesn't mandate airlines to ask for printed confirmation, it's advisable to have the confirmation number or a printed copy according to the airline's guidelines.

Refusals, cancellations and appeals

Your ETA-IL may be delayed or rejected if your application details were incorrect, incomplete or intentionally omitted. It may also be rejected if you have a serious criminal background or have a history of violating the terms of your stay in Israel before.

Yes, you can. However, you may risk being denied again for the same reasons. Make sure to address the issues in your application before submitting a new one. In some cases, you may need to apply for a traditional visa.

No. However, the application fee for the ETA-IL is reasonable, and once approved, your authorization remains valid for up to 2 years. This lets you reschedule your visit.

Yes, an ETA-IL can be revoked for immigration or security reasons during its validity, which lasts two years or until your passport expires. You will be notified by email if this happens.