About Us

We are an online-only visa company specializing exclusively in travel to Israel. Our goal is to ensure you have a positive, stress-free experience from the moment you start planning your trip to the moment you go back home.

We support our clients in two ways – first, we support and accompany them as they obtain clearance to enter the country in the form of the ETA for Israel, and second, we provide them with up-to-date, insiders’ knowledge of key attractions and things to do around the country.

What you can expect from our visa services

Obtaining an e-visa can be a daunting bureaucratic process. With the help of experts knowledgeable in this specialized procedure, a visa company manages your application on your behalf.

After we take some personal details from you, we’ll take over the application process. You will be able to track your application at any time, and can contact us twenty-four hours for support or to ask questions.

Our services aim to simplify your application and make the preparation for your visit as effortless as possible. We help by:

✓ Minimizing the risk of mistakes and complications in your application
✓ Taking the stress out of applying for official documentation
✓ Handling the application on behalf of large groups or families
✓ Staying updated on entry requirements for visitors to Israel

Our tourist services

Alongside maintaining your application, we also offer a tourist service to all our customers. We team up with a number of companies and organizations within Israel to ensure you have the most authentic and vibrant experience you can have on your trip.

Who are we?

However, as longtime residents of the country, we’re also familiar with the often confusing bureaucratic process that travelers are so often subject to. We put our personal and professional experience to good use by managing your documentation to ensure an easy trip.

Whether you’re coming for a family visit, a pilgrimage, a camping trip, a business conference, or something else entirely, our company aims to make Israel as accessible as possible. We hope to welcome you soon!