Prospective travelers from Argentina need to be aware of Israel’s new entry requirements. Past visitors to Israel may be accustomed to entering without the need for any documentation, as Argentina is on the visa-exempt list. However, this will be changing with the introduction of the new ETA-IL program.

What is the ETA-IL for Israel?

The ETA-IL for Israel is a new visa waiver program. From 2024 onwards, citizens of visa-exempt countries like Argentina will need to obtain electronic travel authorization (ETA) before entering Israel.

The ETA-IL is an online document which works like a visa. Unlike a visa, however, it is far quicker to apply for and approval rates are high.

Similar programs exist throughout the world, such as the American ESTA or the European ETIAS. The ETA-IL for Israel resembles these in terms of application process.

It’s essential to know that the ETA for Israel is valid only for short-term visits. If you are from Argentina and want to come for a vacation, to volunteer, on a pilgrimage or on a short business trip, the ETA-IL is the right document for you.

For any other visits, such as residence or a short-term visit that involves work, you’ll need to obtain a visa.

Do Argentine passport holders need an ETA-IL to enter Israel?

Yes. Because Argentina is on Israel’s list of visa-exempt countries, its citizens are expected to have an approved ETA-IL upon arrival. The ETA-IL is a mandatory entry requirement, much like a standard visa – it’s just much easier and simpler to acquire.

I am an Argentine citizen. How should I apply for the Israel ETA-IL?

The application process for the Israeli ETA-IL is done online through an application form. Our form is especially designed to be accessible and easy, even if you aren’t comfortable with bureaucracy.

In the application form, you will be asked to fill in various details. These include:

  • Identifying information, such as your name and birthdate
  • Passport information, including passport number and date of expiry.
  • Details about your trip, such as your planned arrival and departure dates.

It’s important to know that ETA-IL applications are passport-specific, so make sure you’re using the same passport you plan on traveling with.

In order to apply, all you need is:

  • A valid Argentinian passport
  • A computer or smartphone with internet connection
  • A debit card (to process the payment)
  • An email address (to receive your approved ETA)

Once you’ve applied, await approval by Israeli authorities. You’ll know that you’ve been approved when your ETA-IL is sent to you by email.

Print, flag or save your document to your phone to show airport staff when asked.

What is the timeline for the Israeli ETA-IL application & approval?

The application process: if you have all your details on hand already, i.e your passport is next to you and you know all the details about your trip, the application process can take as little as 10-15 mins.

Approval: An Argentinian passport holder who has filled out the application form correctly and has no criminal history can expect to be approved within a week. In less busy periods, it may even be less.

However, we recommend getting the application done earlier. Allowing at least two weeks provides cushioning in case there are unexpected delays.

What is the validity period for the Israeli ETA-IL for Argentine nationals?

Once issued, your ETA-IL is valid for two years. However, this is assuming that your passport remains valid and is not lost, stolen, or otherwise replaced within this two year period. If you have a new passport, you will also need a new ETA-IL – no matter how recently it was issued.

Also keep in mind that the ETA-IL is valid only for visits of up to 90 days consecutively. This means that for the two year period that your ETA-IL is valid, you are permitted to stay in Israel for multiple stays of up to three months at a time.

If you stay for longer than three months, you will be considered in violation of your ETA-IL. You may face penalties, and may find getting permission to enter Israel again difficult.

A summary of visa requirements for Argentinians entering Israel

Visitors from Argentina need to make sure they have their electronic travel authorization (ETA) already approved and ready to show airport staff by the time they are ready to leave for Israel. The ETA-IL is as essential a travel requirement as your passport, so don’t leave it to the last minute. For peace of mind, apply today. We hope to welcome you to Israel shortly.