As part of the EU, Italy has an agreement with Israel that permits Italian citizens to visit Israel as tourists visa-free. But even visa-free visitors need to make sure they have the appropriate documentation ready before they leave – which is why it’s essential to know about the new Israeli ETA-IL travel requirements.

What is the Israeli ETA-IL?

The ETA-IL is a visa waiver program. It allows visitors from visa-free countries to enter Israel with maximum ease, while still allowing authorities to maintain border security.

As part of the European Union, Italy has its own equivalent scheme called the ETIAS. You may have also heard of similar systems such as the American ESTA or the Canada eTA. These all resemble the Israeli ETA-IL in terms of policy and application process.

Unlike a visa, the ETA-IL is completed, authorized and sent to you entirely electronically. This makes it a far more accessible and easily-obtained document.

Israel ETA-IL eligibility criteria for Italian nationals

To be eligible for the ETA-IL scheme, you need to be a full Italian citizen with a regular passport (i.e, not a temporary or special passport).

While any Italian citizen can apply, authorization is unlikely to be given to candidates thought to present a security risk in Israel, for example if you have a serious criminal history.

Do I need an ETA-IL or a visa as an Italian citizen?

Italian visitors to Israel will require an ETA-IL. You’re eligible for the ETA-IL if:

  • You are staying for no more than 90 days at a time
  • You have no intention of working in Israel
  • You have no intention of studying at an Israeli higher education institution

Most Italian visitors seeking the ETA-IL are coming to Israel on vacation, to sightsee, or for business reasons (such as a conference).

If you meet these criteria, the ETA-IL is a mandatory requirement for your travel. Anybody else will need to apply for the appropriate visa.

Even if you have previously traveled to Israel using your Italian passport on these terms without any need for documentation, the new law as of 2024 will require that you arrive with an ETA-IL already approved.

How to apply for the Israeli ETA-IL as an Italian national?

What you will need to apply for the ETA-IL for Israel

  • Your valid passport. It is extremely important to make sure your passport will be valid throughout your trip. Applications are passport specific, so if you have to replace your passport before travel, you will also need to apply for a new ETA-IL.
  • A device with internet connection. The ETA-IL application is done entirely online, and does not require any physical visits to embassies or offices. You can apply on a computer, laptop or smartphone – just make sure your connection is secure to keep your personal data safe.
  • An email address, which you will use to get updates about your application and to receive your ETA-IL.
  • A debit or credit card. This is to handle the processing fee common to all visa waiver programs across the world.

The application process for Italian nationals

First, load our online form. Designed with user experience and comfort in mind, our online application for the Israeli ETA-IL is simple, straightforward, and guides you through each step of the process.

Fill in your details. Make sure you copy everything down correctly. Inaccuracies on the application are the most common reason for rejections and delays – even a typing error in your name can cause problems later on.

Submit the form and await approval. Make sure you’ve received confirmation that your form has been submitted successfully. At this point, your application will be forwarded to Israeli authorities, where it will be reviewed.

Receive your ETA-IL approval within a week. Once your ETA has arrived, you are allowed to enter Israel. You don’t need to print your ETA, but make sure it’s saved somewhere you can access easily on your smartphone, so that you can show border security.

Validity and expiry information for the Israeli ETA

Your ETA-IL is valid for a period of 2 years, or until your passport expires – whichever comes first. Needless to say, if your passport is stolen, lost, or otherwise replaced, you will again need to fill out a new ETA form.

However, the ETA-IL is only valid for entry in increments of up to 3 months. You are not permitted to stay longer than this period with your ETA.

A summary of Israeli entry requirements for Italian nationals

Italian passport holders, as members of a visa-exempt state, will need to acquire their ETA-IL for Israel before their departure. While it may be an unfamiliar procedure right now, the new ETA-IL requirement aims to make entry to Israel safer and more accessible. Fill out your application now to ensure smooth entry.