As a Japanese citizen, the ETA-IL for Israel is an essential travel requirement that you’ll need to obtain before you depart.

Do Japanese citizens need a visa to travel to Israel?

No – Japanese citizens do not require a traditional visa to enter Israel for a short-term stay. Japan has been on Israel’s visa-exempt list for decades, and is expected to remain on it indefinitely.

However, Israel is introducing a new visa waiver program, under which citizens of all visa-exempt countries – including Japan – will be required to fill out a short application to receive a document called the ETA, or electronic travel authorization. 

Some people refer to the Israeli ETA-IL as an evisa. It is similar to many equivalent programs across the world, such as the ETA-IL for Canada or the ESTA for America.

What is the difference between an Israeli ETA-IL and a regular visa?

Both a visa and an ETA-IL authorize you to enter a country. However, an ETA-IL is a preferable option for short-term travelers. The ETA:

  • Is done entirely online. The application form for an ETA-IL is entirely online. For this reason, it is sometimes also called an evisa.
  • Is quicker to apply for than a visa. The application process can take as little as 15 minutes
  • Does not require you to go to an embassy
  • Is approved quickly. Your application should be approved within a week.
  • Has a high approval rate. Unlike some visas, the vast majority of ETA applications are successful.

However, it is important to remember that like a visa, the Israeli ETA-IL is a necessary requirement for travel.

If your intention is to come to Israel to work, study, or become a long term resident (where long term is defined as over 90 consecutive days), the ETA-IL is not relevant to you, and you will need to apply for a traditional visa.

How do Japanese passport holders apply for the Israeli ETA-IL?

The application is done entirely online. All you have to do is load the application form and fill in the answers as fully and accurately as possible. Our form is especially designed for maximum comfort and ease of use, so do not worry if you are not experienced in Israeli bureaucracy.

In order to apply, you will need:

  • A computer with internet connection
  • Your valid passport (the same one you will use on the trip)
  • A debit or credit card to handle the processing fee
  • Any personal or travel details you don’t know by heart.

You will mostly be asked to fill out personal details, such as your name, date of birth, and passport number. You may also be asked some questions about your visit, such as how long you intend to stay or where you plan on staying.

These questions are intended to confirm your identity, and to make sure that you are suited to an ETA-IL and not a work or residency visa, for example.

For a strong application, make sure to:

  • Fill in every field. An unfilled box may delay your application
  • Check and double check for spelling mistakes and typing errors
  • Write full and accurate answers – do not leave out any details
  • Type your name in English as it appears on your passport. An incorrect transliteration could invalidate your evisa.

Once you’ve submitted the form, you should receive instant confirmation through email (check the address you provided on the form). Your approval could take up to a week – be sure to check all folders, including your junk or spam folder.

Once you have your ETA-IL, you may either print it, flag the email, or save the document to your phone. Just make sure that you can show it to staff at the airport when asked.

Israeli ETA-IL Validity information for Japanese citizens

Once your ETA-IL has been approved, it is valid for up to 2 years. However, if your passport expires or is replaced before this two-year period is over, you will need to apply for a new ETA-IL.

Remember, Israeli ETAs are only intended to serve for stays of up to three months (90 days). While you may return for new trips using the same ETA, if you stay any longer than 90 days consecutively, you may face problems.

Israel e-visa eligibility criteria for Japanese citizens

To be eligible for the ETA-IL for Israel, you need:

  • Full Japanese citizenship.
  • A valid Japanese passport. The passport must be valid for your entire trip, or you will not be able to return.
  • No serious criminal record. If you are believed to be a threat to Israel’s security, your ETA may be rejected.

Summary of travel requirements for Japanese citizens

An approved ETA-IL and a valid passport are the two essential travel requirements that you must have sorted out before you depart Japan. Thankfully, obtaining the ETA-IL is a process designed to be as simple as possible. We recommend applying early, so you can focus on planning a wonderful trip to Israel.