Dutch travelers from the Netherlands are eligible for the ETA-IL, a visa waiver program being introduced by Israel to regulate the influx of tourists from abroad. Unlike a regular visa, the ETA-IL is entirely online, and is quicker, simpler and more affordable to apply for. Make sure you obtain this new travel requirement before you depart the Netherlands.

Do Dutch tourists need a visa to enter Israel?

Dutch citizens do not need a visa to enter Israel as tourists. As a part of the EU, they are considered visa-exempt. This has meant that for several years, Dutch nationals have entered Israel on their passports without any need for extra documentation. However, this will be changing soon.

The ETA-IL for Israel is being introduced in 2024. While the Netherlands will remain on the visa-exempt list, Dutch citizens will now need an extra piece of documentation called the ETA-IL. This stands for electronic travel authorization.

The purpose of the ETA-IL is to maintain border security and manage the flow of tourists into Israel – much like Europe’s own equivalent, the ETIAS.

Don’t worry – the ETA-IL is easy to apply for. It only takes 15 minutes to apply, and another week or so to be approved. Approval rates are typically high for the ETA-IL. While it may require some planning ahead, the ETA-IL should not complicate your trip.

How can Dutch citizens apply for the ETA-IL for Israel?

Dutch citizens must apply for the Israeli ETA online. Make sure you have your passport, debit card, and travel details ready and on hand when you start your application, as you will need to refer to them to answer the questions listed on the form.

Most of the questions you will be expected to answer are personal details. This will include your name, date of birth, passport number, and any other citizenships you might have. You may also be asked questions about your trip – such as your intended departure and arrival dates, or where you plan to stay. This is to ensure you aren’t planning on violating the maximum stay period of 3 months.

The application process should take around ten to fifteen minutes. Once you’ve submitted, you should receive a confirmation email. Your approval will follow in around a week, and will be sent via the same email address.

You do not need to print your ETA-IL, but you may do so if you wish. Otherwise, simply save or bookmark it to make sure it is accessible and can be shown to airport staff.

Validity information for the ETA-IL for Israel

Once you have your ETA-IL for Israel, it will remain valid for two years. However, as ETA-IL applications are tied to your passport, if your current passport expires or is replaced, you will need to apply for a new ETA.

The ETA-IL is relevant only to short term stays of up to 3 months, in which you are not permitted to work or study. Tourism, business trips, pilgrimages, and many volunteering programs are permitted under the ETA-IL.

Note that your ETA-IL may be rescinded if you breach its terms – for example, if you overstay your visit or accept paid work on your trip. If you commit a crime, particularly that which is considered dangerous or harmful to the public, you will likewise have your ETA-IL rescinded and may have trouble re-entering the country.

Summary of travel requirements for Dutch citizens

Travelers from the Netherlands must have a valid passport and an authorized Israeli ETA before they depart. The ETA-IL is a new travel requirement, which is mandatory for all Dutch citizens. While the application process is simple, it is a highly necessary document without which you may be refused entry.