Given the strong cultural affinity between these two nations, it’s unsurprising that Israel welcomes more tourists from Brazil than anywhere else in South America. But now, Brazilian tourists are subject to new travel requirements with the introduction of Israel’s ETA-IL visa waiver program.

What is the Israel ETA-IL for Brazilians?

ETA stands for electronic travel authorization. This is the permission you need from Israel to enter the country for short term visits, i.e as a tourist. The ETA-IL is a new travel requirement relevant to citizens of all countries that are on the visa-exemption list – including Brazil.

You may have heard of the ETA or eTA programs in Canada, Australia or the UK. Or, you may have heard of similar schemes from America (ESTA) or for some countries in the European Union (ETIAS). These are all very close to the Israeli ETA-IL – they are e-visas which are applied for and authorized online.

Do Brazilian citizens need an ETA-IL visa to Israel?

Yes! From 2024 onwards, a valid ETA-IL will be considered a key entry requirement for all Brazilian nationals seeking to enter Israel. This may seem frustrating to citizens of Brazil who have previously entered and exited Israel without the need for any documentation. But in fact, the ETA-IL system is coming to Israel as a way to keep everyone safer and maintain border security – just as it has been doing in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada for years.

The good news is that it’s extremely easy to obtain an ETA-IL for Israel. The application process only takes a few minutes, the response time can be as little as three days, and the approval rates are high. Getting the Israeli e-visa is also a relatively inexpensive process when compared to tourist visas, meaning that Israel remains accessible to all.

Remember, the ETA-IL is a precondition for entering Israel for all Brazilian nationals. If you come to Israel without an approved ETA-IL, you may be turned away at the airport.

I am a Brazilian citizen - how can I apply for an Israeli ETA-IL?

The application is done online. The process is simple – it just requires that you fill in your personal details, including your name, date of birth, and passport number. Our form is edited and formatted for maximum ease, so all you’ll need is a few minutes of your time and your passport.

Brazilian citizens seeking to apply for the ETA-IL should have:

  • A valid passport, which will still be in date for the duration of your planned trip
  • An email address. This is how you’ll receive updates about your application, including your final approval
  • A credit/debit card. There is a small processing fee associated with any e-visa application.

Israeli ETA-IL validity and expiration for Brazilian nationals

Once you’ve received approval for your ETA-IL, it is valid for up to two years. You will see the date of expiry for your ETA-IL recorded on your document.

However, ETA-IL applications are passport-specific. That means that if your Israeli ETA-IL has not expired, but your passport has, you will need to apply for a new ETA-IL for your replacement passport.

However, it’s important to state that while your ETA-IL for Israel is valid for 2 years, you are not permitted to remain in Israel for more than three months (90 days) consecutively. Moreover, if you are found overstaying your maximum allowed residence in Israel, or are discovered working against the law, your ETA-IL will be considered invalid and you may face penalties and difficulties returning to Israel.

A summary of travel requirements for Brazilians

All Brazilian passport holders are required to have an Israeli ETA-IL approved by the time they depart for Israel. While the ETA-IL is only applicable to countries who are on the visa waiver list, it is still an essential travel requirement and without it you may be denied entry to Israel. Fortunately, the application process is simple and quick – we recommend you get started straight away.