Thanks to the high rate of immigration from Russia from pre-independence all the way to modern times, the Russian cultural presence in Israel is easy to identify. The Israeli ETA-IL, a new visa waiver program, will help thousands of Russian passport holders to enter Israel for short-term trips. If you’re a Russian passport holder eager to explore Israel, make sure you understand your travel requirements for a smooth and easy trip.

What is the Israeli ETA-IL, and why is it relevant to Russian citizens?

Also known as the ETA-IL for Israel or the Israeli e-visa, the Israeli ETA-IL is a new visa waiver program. From 2024 onwards, all countries which had previously entered Israel without the need for a traditional visa will be permitted to enter Israel as long as they have an approved ETA document.

The ETA-IL, or electronic travel authorization, is applied for online. It will be sent to applicants by email to be presented at the airport (you don’t need a physical copy – showing the email on your smartphone screen is also fine).

Do Russian citizens need an ETA-IL to enter Israel?

Yes. Having an approved ETA-IL is a mandatory requirement for all citizens of visa-exempt countries, and Russia is no exception. Russian citizens will be expected to have an approved ETA to present at the airport – if not, they will be considered in violation of Israel’s international entry requirements, and may be turned away or banned from entering Israel in the future.

Thankfully, the process of obtaining an ETA-IL is extremely straightforward. Applications can be  filled in quickly, processed within just a few days, and approved at a high rate. In comparison to the traditional visa that many other countries are required to fill out, the ETA-IL is simple, quick and inexpensive.

How does a Russian citizen apply for the Israeli ETA-IL?

Applying for the Israeli e-visa is a simple process. It’s done entirely online, meaning there is no need to queue up, book appointments at the embassy, or arrange postal services to deliver your entry authorization to you.

All you have to do is load the online form on your computer and fill in your personal details. Our online form has been carefully streamlined for maximum efficiency and accessibility, even for those who are not especially comfortable with bureaucratic procedures. The process of applying shouldn’t take more than about fifteen minutes if you have your details on hand and your passport ready.

In order to apply, you will need:

  • Your valid Russian passport. This is the passport you’ll be using on the trip, so make sure it will be in date during the times you plan to be away.
  • An email address. Because the application is online, you can expect updates to be sent via email. Your ETA-IL approval and the ETA itself will also be sent to your email.
  • A debit or credit card. This is to handle the processing fee associated with the ETA-IL.
  • Your personal details. While most of what you fill in will be simple – your name and date of birth, for example – some details may need checking, such as your official job title, your flight details, or the address of where you plan to stay.

Once again, the ETA-IL is a mandatory requirement for entering Israel, so it’s vital that you are accurate and careful with your application details rather than risk being rejected later – especially if you already have your flights booked.

Israeli ETA-IL Validity and Expiration for Russians

Once valid, your ETA-IL for Israel is still in date for 2 years after issue, as long as your original passport is still valid. That means that you can make additional trips from Russia to Israel for up to two years.

However, your trip must abide by the requirements set out by Israeli authorities. You may not stay in the country for more than three months straight, nor are you permitted to work, study or permanently reside in Israel using the ETA-IL for Israel.

A summary of Israeli visa requirements for Russian citizens

Travelers are responsible for knowing what travel requirements they are subject to. While Russian citizens don’t require a traditional visa to enter Israel, it is essential that they come with a pre-approved ETA-IL, or they risk being turned away at the border. The ETA-IL is simple to apply for and has a high approval rate, so don’t be caught without it – apply today.