Israel ETA duration and expiry

If you’re a frequent visitor, you won’t have to fill out the form all over again each time you need to enter Israel: once declared valid, the Israeli ETA can be used for up to 2 years after the date of issue.

However, remember that ETAs are handed out on a passport-specific basis. If your passport expires before the 2 year duration period is up, you will be required to fill out a new form and await approval once more. For this reason, we recommend applying with an updated passported with years left until expiry.

The duration of your stay cannot exceed 3 months, or 90 days, in the country. We also remind you that the ETA is intended for tourism purposes only – it does not permit you to study, work or reside long-term in Israel.

The ETA-IL for Israel’s duration explained | Why 2 years?

The ETA-IL for Israel’s duration of 2 years is an international standard, and corresponds with the ETA validity periods of Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The 2 year period provides additional convenience for tourists, as it permits them to plan their trip along a wide spread of time and grants frequent fliers the chance to visit a few times without needing to reapply. In short, the two year validity period provides tourists with additional flexibility.

However, the fact that the ETA must be renewed in relatively frequent increments increases security by re-checking and re-approving all tourists on a recurring basis.

What can affect the validity of my Israeli ETA?

In most cases, your ETA-IL will remain valid from its issue until its natural expiry two years later (or, alternatively, the expiry of your passport). However, Israeli authorities may choose to alter or shorten the validity period, or even rescind the validity of the document completely. This may occur if:

  • You are found to have committed criminal acts in Israel or planned to do so
  • You have violated the terms of your ETA, e.g by staying longer than 3 months or by working
  • Any details that deem you inadmissible to Israel become known to authorities
  • A significant mistake or omission is found on your ETA application details
  • You cancel your own ETA

Understanding the terms of validity and approval for the ETA-IL is vital when planning your trip.

What if my ETA expires while in Israel?

It is important that you plan your trip accordingly. It is best to make sure the ETA is valid even while you’re in the country to avoid complications.

However, the main purpose of the ETA-IL is to allow you to enter the country. Most countries with visa waiver programs deem a visitor’s presence in the country after the expiry of the ETA to be acceptable – particularly if it was accidental – as long as it was valid when you entered.

However, again, this is not advisable. You may find yourself in a complicated bureaucratic situation if your trip is delayed and you are denied entry, for example.