Israel ETA-IL Requirements

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Israeli ETA Requirements list

Countries which require an ETA-IL for travel to Israel

Under the new eTA-IL/e-visa program, citizens of countries on the visa exemption list require electronic travel authorization to travel to Israel. Obtaining the eTA-IL, or evisa, online is mandatory prior to entry to the country. Do not attempt to enter Israel until your ETA-IL has been both submitted and approved.

While the ETA-IL is essential to travel to Israel, it has an extremely high approval rate. Only in rare cases will approval for an e-visa application be delayed or rejected. In these cases, you will usually need to apply for a visa using the traditional route (through the embassy). It is therefore best to plan and seek approval as far ahead in time as possible.

Prerequisites for applying for the ETA for Israel

Below are the requirements for the Israeli ETA application listed by the Israeli government for an ETA-IL application to be approved.

1. Citizenship

You must be a full citizen of one of the countries on the ETA-IL approved list. If you aren’t sure whether the ETA-IL is a requirement for your nationality, please check below on our table.


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If you have dual citizenship with one nationality that is on the list, you may apply using the passport from that country. However, you will need to declare all your other citizenships on the ETA form.

2. Passport

The most important requirement to apply for the Israeli ETA is a passport. You will need a valid passport issued by your country of citizenship (if you are a dual national, choose the one which appears on the ETA-IL approval list). The passport must be a normal passport. Temporary, official or special passports are not typically considered suitable for the e-visa.

The passport should be valid throughout your planned stay in Israel, and ideally for a number of months afterwards. A close expiry date could cause problems if your flight is canceled or delayed, or if you are otherwise unable to travel at the planned date. Therefore, your application may be delayed or rejected.

Please note that depending on your country and unique situation, there may be additional requirements for the Israeli ETA-IL. For example, in some cases, such as Moldova, Israel only offers visa-free entry to holders of a biometric passport. If this is the case, check that your passport is biometric before applying for the visa.

3. Your Stay

The ETA-IL is granted to short-term visitors. This document is intended for tourism (sightseeing, pilgrimages, visiting friends or family, and business trips are typical reasons). Proof that your stay will be short is an important condition for receiving ETA-IL approval.

The application may ask you to include some details about your trip to verify that the ETA-IL is the appropriate document for you, as opposed to a study or work visa. If you show intention to remain past the 3 month period, or to work or live in the country, your application may be rejected.

ETA-IL eligibility criteria for entry to Israel

There are additional conditions to your stay in Israel. Outside of your passport, your eligibility will be affected by:

  • Your travel history, e.g whether you have attempted to stay in Israel past the authorized date of departure before, or to work without a work visa or citizenship
  • Criminal record
  • Whether your application seems more suited to a different type of entry document, e.g:
    • A clergyman’s visa 
    • A student visa
    • A work visa

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Documents necessary to submit the Israeli ETA

You will need a valid passport issued by an ETA-IL-approved country. This will be the same passport you will use to enter the country – if it will expire by the time you’re due to enter or leave Israel, you will need to fill in a new form. No other forms of ID will be accepted on the form.

To apply for the ETA for Israel, you will also need a debit or credit card to process the payment. The fee is typically nominal.

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