Israel ETA-IL: Essential Details

The Israel ETA is a visa-exemption program. It is intended exclusively for short-term visitors from specific countries. In this case, a short-term visitor is defined as:

  1. Someone who is visiting for a period of up to 90 days, AND
  2. Does not intend to work in Israel, AND
  3. Does not intend to study in Israel.

Any other category will require a visa – including clergymen coming to visit for religious duties. Pilgrimages, business trips, family visits, and general sightseeing are all permitted using the ETA. Its main intended purpose is tourism.

From 2024 onwards, all nationals of countries that do not require a visa to enter Israel will need to obtain this document before they travel.

The ETA-IL is a mandatory requirement for all visa-exempt countries – even if you have never had to fill in any documents prior to entering Israel!

What Does the Term ‘ETA-IL for Israel’ Mean?

The term ETA stands for ‘Electronic Travel Authorization’. This is just what it sounds like – a digital document that proves to border guards and security officials that you have obtained the correct authorization to enter Israel.

The term ‘ETA’ or ‘eTA’ is also used by Canada and the UK for very similar systems. You may therefore see the term ‘ETA-IL for Israel’ or ‘Israeli ETA’ in order to clarify that this is the country you are seeking authorization to enter.

The ETA-IL for Israel Explained – Why is it being introduced?

If you’re from a visa-exempt country and have entered Israel without any documentation before, you might be confused as to why you’ll have to start planning ahead to get your ETA from now on.

The scheme is being introduced to Israel for the same reason it has been introduced to many other countries – to improve security and manage the flow of tourists in and out of the country.

The ETA system will not impair or complicate your ability to enter Israel – it is simply an extra step to complete before you depart. The form takes only a few minutes to fill, confirmation is usually done within a week, and the ETA is valid for up to 2 years after being granted (or as long as your passport is valid).

The application process for the ETA-IL

All you need to apply for the ETA-IL is a computer with an internet connection, a valid passport (the same one you will use for the trip), an email address, and a valid debit card to pay a small processing fee.

To apply:

  1. Load the online form. Our form is streamlined for accessibility.
  2. Fill in your details. Be accurate and double-check.
  3. Await approval. It will be sent to you by email.
  4. Show the document at the border when asked.

Who needs an ETA-IL? Countries eligible for the new visa waiver program

All regular passport holders from visa-exempt nations will require an ETA-IL. Those from all other countries will continue to fill out the traditional visa applications as usual. Common visitors to Israel who will need to fill in the ETA include:

  • The United States
  • Britain
  • All EU countries, including France, Germany, and Italy
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Brazil

However, to understand for which countries the Israeli ETA is an entry requirement, you are advised to check the eligible countries list manually.

Conclusion | ETA Israel Overview

We have outlined what the Israeli ETA is, its purpose, and the process required to get one. Using our informative guides, accessible form, and expertise, we hope to make the transition to the new visa waiver program as smooth and straightforward as possible, so you can enjoy your trip worry-free.