Israel ETA for Countries in Asia

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What is the ETA for Israel?

The term ETA is short for electronic travel authorization. This is the electronic documentation many members of Asian countries will need to apply for before entering Israel from 2023 onwards.

The ETA is a mandatory requirement for citizens of visa-exempt countries. Having an ETA proves to airport staff and border security that you have been approved to enter Israel.

However, unlike a traditional visa, the ETA is simple to apply for. The application process is done entirely online, and as the document itself is electronic, you don’t need to arrange postage or book a time at the embassy.

The ETA also utilizes a much quicker application process, which only takes about fifteen minutes. Once you’ve submitted your application, you can expect to wait for as little as a week before being approved.

The majority of applicants are granted approval.

Who is eligible for the Israeli ETA?

Not every country on the continent of Asia is eligible for the ETA. This new program is a visa waiver scheme, so at the moment, it is only relevant to countries that are currently visa exempt. However, several Asian countries are on the visa-exempt list, so it’s important to check.

If you do come from a visa exempt country, make sure that you also have a valid passport. The ETA application is directly linked to the passport you plan on traveling with. Please note that temporary passports are not considered for the ETA.

Keep in mind that even visa-exempt nationals are only eligible for the ETA as short term travelers.

Reasons to acquire an ETA may include:

  • Tourism and sightseeing
  • Make a pilgrimage
  • Volunteering on a short-term program
  • Business trips, e.g conferences

The ETA does not give you the right to work, study or permanently reside in Israel.

Visa exempt countries in Asia

To find out whether the new ETA scheme will be applicable to you, look for your country’s name on our list of visa-exempt countries.

• Georgia
• Hong Kong
• Macau
• Mongolia
• Philippines
• Singapore
• South Korea
• Taiwan
• United Arab Emirates

What if my country is not on the visa-exempt list?

If your country is not on the list, you are not eligible for the ETA for Israel. In most cases, you will instead have to fill out an application for a standard visa, but make sure to check your entry requirements thoroughly.

How to apply for the Israeli ETA?

There is a simple application process.

Load the online form.

Fill the form in as accurately as you can. This is the most active part of the application process. It takes about fifteen minutes.

The types of details you will be asked to fill in include:

  • Your name and date of birth
    • Write your name in the Latin alphabet as it appears on your passport.
  • Your country of origin and citizenship
  • Passport details, including passport number and expiry
  • Some personal details, such as your occupation
  • Details about your trip (include when you plan on entering and leaving)
  • Whether you have a criminal background

Take your time when filling in the form. Inaccuracies and mistakes are the main reason for which applications are delayed or rejected, so make sure to proofread and copy out information carefully.

Once you’ve submitted your form, it will be sent to Israeli authorities to be reviewed. You can expect to receive your approval by email about a week later.

Look over your ETA carefully to make sure there are no errors. Then, save the document to your phone or print it to show airport staff when asked. You are now ready to travel.