Israel ETA for Countries in America

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What is the ETA for Israel and will all citizens of countries on the continent of America need one?

ETA (or eTA) is the abbreviation for Electronic Travel Authorization, a brand-new program that is being launched by Israel to keep track of entries into the country.

Under the ETA program, all citizens of visa-exempt countries will need to apply for authorization to travel to Israel online before they enter. This application process is far quicker and more affordable than a traditional visa, and the document is digital only.

Israel entry requirements for countries in America | Which countries are eligible for the Israeli ETA?

Many countries in both North and South America are eligible for visa-free entry. As of 2023, this means that they will be eligible for – and require – an ETA to enter the country.

Some countries on the list include:

  • The United States of America - Israel expects nearly a million annual visitors from the USA, accounting for nearly a quarter of all total visits.
  • Canada - Up to 70,000 Canadians visit Israel each year.
  • Brazil - Of all South American countries, Brazilian nationals account for the majority of visitors to Israel.

However, many more countries are expected to be on Israel’s ETA-approved list. You are advised to check your country’s status manually using our list.

• Bahamas
• Barbados
• Belize
• Chile
• Colombia
• Costa Rica
• Dominica
• Dominican republic
• Ecuador
• El Salvador
• Grenada
• Guatemala
• Haiti
• Honduras
• Jamaica
• Panama
• Paraguay
• Peru
• Saint Kitts and Nevis
• Saint Lucia
• St Vincent and the Grenadines
• Trinidad & Tobago
• Uruguay

What determines if a country is on the list?

The current determining factor for whether a country requires a visa or an ETA (or e-visa, as you may have heard it be called) is whether it has previously appeared on the visa-exemption list to enter Israel prior to the establishment of the ETA program.

Whether a country is visa-exempt will depend on several factors, particularly the diplomatic and trade relations agreed upon between the two countries.

North America (including territories) - Visa requirements to enter Israel

All countries in North America are permitted entry to Israel without a visa. This means that they need to have an ETA already approved by the time they enter Israel.

These include the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Territories will in most cases be included under the state they are ceded to. Therefore, Puerto Rico is included in the visa-exempt category owing to its relationship with America.

Central America and the Caribbean

Most, but not all, countries in central America and the Caribbean have some visa-free status (although often with additional requirements).

South America

Except for Bolivia, Guyana and Venezuela, all countries in South America are expected to appear on the visa-exempt list.
Are there any countries on the American continent who are refused entry to Israel?

At the moment, citizens of all countries in South, Central and North America are able to enter Israel – although a minority do require a traditional visa.

Countries which must obtain a regular visa to enter Israel include:

  • Venezuela
  • Nicaragua
  • Cuba

Some countries, such as Bolivia and Dominica, previously signed agreements with Israel that permitted visa-free entry, but these agreements were later dissolved. It’s important not to rely solely on word of mouth when planning trips, as visa requirements can change.

How to get an ETA to enter Israel?

To obtain the Israeli ETA, simply fill out your personal details as required on the online form. Your application will be submitted for review and approved by Israeli authorities. Once your application is cleared, the ETA document will be sent to you via email. You do not need to print the visa, but you may be asked to present it at the airport before departure or upon arrival.